About Dough & Batter

Sumit and Aishani Chowdhury are a father-daughter duo who launched The Dough & Batter Home Bakery on March 25,2020 just as lockdown started and both became homebound. They successfully turned this hostile environment into an positive situation.

Aishani is a Grade 11 student in Aditya Birla World Academy and an active ballet and kathak dancer. She intends to join the medical profession when she finishes high-school. 

Aishani has been baking cakes and cupcakes for the last 10 years and supplying to family and friends very regularly. Sumit, on the other hand was a Sunday Baker for the last one year and has been baking breads every weekend for last one year. Their Sourdough Starter got created in December last year and has been bubbling ever since. As the lockdown started on March 22nd, both of them decided to combine forces and launch Dough and Batter to bake and sell Sourdough breads, Cakes and cupcakes in their South Mumbai neighbourhood of Altamount Rd/Peddar road.

Sumit, on the other hand is a serial entrepreneur and an ex-CXO of several large companies  in the past (including being the CIO of Reliance Jio, RCOM & VP with IBM and a Partner of KPMG) and for the last 5 years has invested his time and effort into 4 different startups in Artificial intelligence, IoT and Automation software. He was also the CTO of Brookfield Properties in India. Those are his many day jobs. He is now the Chairman of Gaia Smart Cities.

Since starting in March, they have worked non-stop as they saw a huge steady demand in the neighbourhood and have expanded their portfolio to not just sourdough Breads and Cakes but also many other speciality European breads and now its almost full-fledged bread and cake Bakery running from home. They are also started delivering all over Mumbai with a logistics partner.

Team Dough & Batter just completed 400 days of baking with 1200+ customer deliveries with many regular and repeat customers. Both have enjoyed the journey – especially the cat and mouse game of ingredient shopping and delivery during lockdown to dealing with different customer tastes and feedback. Managing daily schedules, production process of 24-36 hours for each bread and storage of raw material and finished goods in a typical Mumbai flat.